Alchemy & Quantum Regenesis Program​ – Soul Mastery & Matrix Re-Patterning


This program is an intensive deep dive 4 part process for alchemy, self transformation, expansion, consciousness re-alignment, & self mastery. 

It is ideal for those already on an inner journey, or ready to step into their power & self invest.

This program is GUARANTEED to bring FAST results, whether you are a healer, teacher, coach or a spiritually driven achiever who may be struggling with attaining higher levels of intuitive consciousness or abundance in some area of your life. As long as you do the inner work set out for you, you will gain much insight & results. 

When we clear & re-program the dis-ease & limiting patterns held within the subconscious, we are able to transmute dis-ease from within the physical & energy body systems, & open ourselves up to limitless possibilities & growth, in all areas of our life.

  • Whether you work within the wellness/spiritual field or not, this program is for you if you have an interest in deep soul level healing & energy mastery, & are already on an awakening path. It is not suitable for beginners, due to the intense nature of the clearing work we will do.
  • This program is structured to liberate you from your own constraints & sabotages, & the constraints of our outdated systems, education/religion & other such systems put in place to dis-connect humanity from our light Body/Cosmic Self.
  • This program is guaranteed to bring you more spiritual & mental clarity, focus, & the confidence you need to achieve your dreams/goals/desires within any of the life structures, as we work to integrate all so life flows in all areas with ease & grace.



This is is an intensive fast track healing & inner awakening program consisting of 4 x 2.5 hour sessions over a 6 – 8 week period. Be prepared for shifts.

This program is personally tailored on a 1:1 deep dive, weekly or monthly sessions to fit around your busy schedule.




Everything is consciousness. Everything around us is consciousness. Frequency is consciousness. We are consciousness. Consciousness responds to consciousness. So as consciousness, our vibration can influence & alter the field of our environment, our loved ones, the vibration in our home, work space, both lowering or raising the frequency, just as the energy of our environment can change our vibration.

Our thoughts, words, feelings is all consciousness. We express ourselves based on our level of consciousness in any given moment.

When we are in alignment with our Soul Self & understand our unique qualities, we manifest our intentions, without effort. Life is easy.

This is an inner work journey, & you will get out of it what you put into it. Spiritual Discipline & conscious determination result in limitless reward.

  • My Inner Alchemy program is an intensive restructuring of subconscious mental body programming, & will elevate those of you who are ready, into a higher vibrational frequency in alignment with the Spiritual Laws, so that you manifest the experiences more congruent to your MULTIDIMENSIONAL nature.
  • This program will help you to transform not only yourself, but the techniques you will learn on this program you can implement into your own healing, teaching or coaching sessions to assist your own clients, or loved ones.
  • (see testimonials from previous course participants below).



When we change the course of our programming, through WILL, & self regulating, we facilitate a re-structuring of our cellular system, & the DNA restores itself cyclically, & at this level we clear karma & ancestral patterning.


With WILL & WISDOM, we can break the ancestral cycles & create a new persona, lifestyle, & we can start by liberating ourselves from inherited, outdated programs & belief systems so that we can TAP INTO OUR LIMITLESS POTENTIAL.

So do you influence your environment, or do you allow the environment influence you?


Inner Alchemy & Alignment Mastery Program

“I took part in Mia’s soul manifestation course and it was a deep and profound experience for me.
In my professional work, I’m already a coach that deals with blocks and beliefs and have a range of tools that I use to help myself and clients do this. I wanted to do some deep exploration and work on myself and choose to explore my akashic records.
There was a lot of learning and healing that took place during the weeks that we did the course and doing the work will give you results. As soon as I had finished my 21 days of clearing my phone started ringing. Every time I opened my inbox there was another amazing new opportunity.
Things have happened that I wasn’t expecting and it is really interesting to see how aligned these opportunities are with who I am.
I would highly recommend taking this course and spending this time working deeply on yourself.

Dr Yvette Ankrah, MBE, England

Doctor & NLP Health Coach


I received many benefits from this program, both on a personal healing & transformation level, & in my business, as I was stuck in attracting the right clients. Once Mia helped me identify and release my blocks, I had a new found energy and opened my blocked channels so I could receive my own inner guidance. I have always worked and channeled spirit, but Mia showed me how to channel my own guru and spiritual intelligence, specific to me and my work.

Forever grateful I invested in this program, it is well worth the time and financial investment. Thanks Mia, look forward to doing the Akashic Training with you next month! 


Reiki Master, Quantum Healer & EFT Coach

*Please note;

This program is NOT for those who are not prepared to do the inner work set out in this program. It is fundamental that you are truly committed to transformation or growth, as it does require commitment if you want to achieve sustainable results.

This program has been carefully structured in order for you to ‘level up’ & CREATE the abundant & joy-filled experiences most of us wish to achieve.

As Humans, it is our natural desire is to want; Wealth. Security. Freedom. Joy. Harmony. The only thing preventing you, is YOU.

  • This program is for you if you are stuck in an endless cycle of negative patterning, in un-serving, seemingly ‘one sided’ or unreciprocated relationships, trapped in a low frequency/draining job, or at a loss & unsure where you are going, or how you can make the necessary changes you know you need to make in order to create the life you desire..
  • I will guide you through a process to access your own Akashic records, you will learn how to clear your own blocks & restrictions that influence your current & future experiences, to understand how the choices you make restrict your manifesting processes.. this will enable you to release any new limitations you may perpetuate through future negative choices.
  • We will work to clear the programs you are running from past life & current life attachment mechanisms in order to free up the space needed to manifest & sustain your divine gifts, & live that joyful life we all desire.


*You will leave this program with transitional tools that you can implement into your daily practices each time you recognize you may have created a new block or karmic pattern through any new negative choices or new beliefs you have created or inherited.




  • A programs & energetic blocks chart to work with.
  • The course blueprint for reading & reference.
  • 4 x 2.5 hour intensive group webinar training sessions
  • Meditations/Transmissions/Activations
  • Activating the morphogenetic chakras.
  • Identifying mental & emotional life blocks.
  • Identifying limiting fears, beliefs & programming.
  • Clearing & re-programming sessions.
  • Ancestral Healing/identifying inherited imprints & programs.
  • Money blocks – Alignment & Manifesting
  • Session replays & recorded meditations.
  • Support through the processes.


We will work through this program, accessing your Akashic Library/Records to Identify your abundance & life blocks – the programs & energies you are running, & in which chakras you are engaging with these programs, so you have an understanding of the 3D blocks & restrictions you are upholding within the Soul memory system. This will enable you to understand where, why, how, you are subconsciously sabotaging & limiting yourself from fulfilling your desired experiences.

The Sessions:

  • There will be a 14 – 21 day break between each module to allow for space clearing & integration.
  • In-between each session, you will be required to do a inner work to assist the deep dive process.
  • 1:1 sessions are tailored to fit around you & your schedule, we can work as fast or slow as you need.
  • All sessions & meditations will be recorded live for your reference & to keep, so you can repeat the program anytime.


Program Guide – *Note: content may change according to your level.

1st session;

  • About the Akashic Records.
  • About the subconscious mind & the self limitations.
  • Activations & Energy Transmissions.
  • Connecting to your Super Conscious & Accessing your Akashic Library.
  • Identifying your fears, limiting beliefs & imprints.
  • Clearing the fears, beliefs & imprints from the subconscious mental body.
  • How to work through your own blocks & self constraints.


2nd session;

  • Understanding how we perpetuate attachment mechanisms & soul agreements that restrict our abundance, so that you can re-create & re-define yourself.
  • Clearing the programs & attachment mechanisms from your blueprint & memory systems.
  • Morphogenetic Chakra Activations.
  • Light Body & Heart Torus Activations.
  • Working with the unified field – Quantum Law
  • Heart/Brain coherence – Integration.
  • Soul Fragmentation – Soul Retrieval.


3rd session;

  • Ascension & levels of Consciousness/the matrix.
  • Soul Level & Energy Mastery.
  • Ancestral Healing/identifying inherited consciousness.
  • Burning Karma & lower astral energies.
  • Alignment & Mastery processes
  • Working with the Over Soul/Higher Self.


4th session;

  • Alignment processes – clearing money/financial blocks.
  • How to live in natural abundance.
  • Integrating the processes for empowerment within each of your life structures.
  • How to move forward & implement this evolutionary work into your daily practices, structuring a program for you & your loved ones for harmony & balance, creating sustainable results that will benefit you & your personal relationships.
  • Final Integration & embodiment
akashicreading course

Life does not have to be hard, or limited, we simply need to change the lens of perception & elevate our own consciousness. This requires self study, self observation, & inner work.

You get out of life what you put in. If you invest in YOU, you will reward YOU in the most incredible ways!



Individual Sessions – £130

Full program – 4 x sessions – £450 (saving £70)

Payment plan option;

  • 50% initial deposit to confirm the booking & course material.
  • The webinars will take place via Zoom.
  • Link will be sent you once I have received payment.


I look forward to sharing this powerful work with you.

Light Blessings