Soul/Monadic/Avatar Embodiment – anchoring the higher aspects of our consciousness in to our body – so our soul memory/consciousness which is starioned in higher dimensional fields, comes back, & anchors back in to our density 1 body.. these are higher levels of awareness.

You can being doing all the energetic/elemental body alchemy you want, the activations, the quantum healing, the reiki, the yoga, the qi gong, the TRE, meditation etc, but if you are not doing the deep mental body alchemy & integration, you will likely just keep going round in circles ..

The arch angels/ascended masters/god/jesus/dragons/unicorns/elementals/fairies etc etc are not gonna ‘heal’ you with their ‘light’ .. no external being can heal you..


You are IT..

Ever heard yourself say “oh but Ive worked on this/thought I’d healed it” ?

Ive heard this many times over the years from clients ive done akashic readings for when I’ve identified unresolved traumas or picked up on family/relational disputes, or psychic hooks/entity entanglements & attachments with previous partners etc..

What you likely ‘healed’ is a superficial layer, because

1. if you have given your power away to an external being expecting ‘them’ to heal you with their ‘light’, and/or

2. you haven’t done the necessary mental body work: transforming the subconscious patterns created by the beliefs & perceptions you formed as a result, then energy healing just offers a ‘temporary’ re-balance & respite … & the energy attachments/implants/imprints/hooks/entities that may have been cleared are just re-formed, because the patterning in the mind matrix will create more of the same ..

It takes conscious {mental} self observation & self ownership/self responsibility, real honesty, not an AA, to recognise & own the negative thought patterns, especially without projecting blame, keeping you stuck in victim cycles .. whether these patterns are a result of your own experiences, or inherited patterns of behaviour, you still perpetuate it, locking yourself in to a story, or someone else’s.

Energy alchemy happens organically, & progressively when you do the mental body alchemy ..

For sure energy healing will open up trauma blocks, (blocked memory pathways), allowing you the opportunity to release & dive deeper, to do the necessary subconscious reprogramming.

But, if you ignore what the mental body is trying to show you because its too dark, raw or painful, you just push that energy back down in to the corners of the pain/shadow body, & so it continues …

For those who need extra support/structure/guidance with this deeper level work, Im opening up another monthly membership program ‘quantum recoding: multidimensional … a training program to assist the collective alchemy over the coming months, going in to multi level matrix reprogramming.

This will consist of 2 hour monthly sessions, a CPD training with an healer certification 👇

‘Quantum Recoding: Multidimensional Healing & Embodiment’

It is based on the advanced training intensive I have just run with my level 3 Akashic facilitator program

‘15 Dimensional Spirit & Light Body Anatomy – Quantum Recoding’

A CPD – continued professional development – for healers wanting to learn new techniques, based on 15 dimensional creation mechanics.

It will run until approx nov/dec, & come with protocols & professional certification to use the techniques for healings on clients.

This program offers a once monthly session focused on all things akashic/quantum, DNA, emotional & mental body reprogramming/matrix re-patterning, & based on my advanced healing training program ‘Quantum Recoding’


to join the Intro session & experience a taste & hear more about whats to come in the program if you are called to learn more & go deeper in to multidimensional alchemy & embodiment, where we will be clearing the necessary 3D programs so each can embody the higher consciousness identify aspects of our soul, oversoul & avatar levels of awareness.

The January Intro Session 👇

‘Matrix Reprogramming: The Oversoul Mentor’

A technique to connect you to your own inner oversoul mentor, & activate your higher 6th & 7th senses, to assist you in becoming your own higher dimensional mentor/guide/observer, & reprogram & integrate the lower 3D mental body that blocks access to our higher senses.

Includes learning content + guided journey where we will be doing some mental body (akashic) reprogramming to collapse old trauma timelines & recreate a new frequency set point working with the universal year 8 (2024) vibration:
Infinity: Power/Strength/Courage/Success/Manifestation/Control etc & the Infinity Breath Technique

Saturday 27 Jan
9:30am – 11am

Intro cost:

Card Payment Link:

Or paypal

🧬 Why not try the first session in January, (no obligation), & see how it aligns..



Monthly Membership sessions starts on the Spring Equinox:
Sat 23 March & then every last Saturday of each month onwards

This training membership program is for Healers & Wayshowers & will be by selection process due to the intensity of the sessions.

DM your interest in the membership training to be added to enrolment list 💜

Our negative experiences, unresolved traumas & pains/wounds limit us in many ways, they shape our character & personality, how we express ourselves, they shape our fears, phobias, beliefs, perceptions, thoughts, emotions etc. & affect our lives, sometimes on subtle levels, sometimes dramatically, creating huge disruptions & distractions. They become coping mechanisms that eventually result in limiting holding patterns & negative energy loops when unprocessed or unresolved.

So once we have identified the programs & associated energetic blocks that showed up in your Records through the akashic programs, I recommend you to dig deeper & look in how these experiences have been affecting you. We will work through your beliefs & journal the results, making a list of the beliefs & fears that show up so that you can track your progress as we work to clear & heal.

Fears are a symptom of our experiences – traumas/pains/wounds, & of the collective life/societal conditioning. They become energetic imprints within our energy body systems that block our vital life force energy & create sabtage & disempowerment programs.

Throughout the clearing processes we will do together, other fears & beliefs will likely be presented to you as we work to clear the core imprints.

This work is a multi-layered process so it is important to work slowly, patiently & observe & witness the shifts as they take place.

Fears & limiting beliefs block our natural flow & life processes, they influence our daily choices at level of action, which result in us creating more negative consequences, (karma) which each, in turn, has an energetic resonance/vibration/frequency.

Are you making positive or negative choices?

Are you making choices out of fear/lack/need/obligation/desperation/worry/guilt/shame resentment/anger etc?

Or are you making choices out of self love/joy/compassion/abundance/creativity etc.

A monthly intensive immersion program for Spiritual Alchemy/ Soul & Monadic Embodiment > Mastery/ Advancement/ Expansion


This academy membership is like no other I have seen & I am so excited to share this amazing creation with my fellow Healers & Way-Showers!

It is a unique experiential monthly ASCENSION & MASTERY membership program designed to help Healers & Way-Showers expand & ADVANCE their Spiritual Master Healer/Leader Potential to become the living embodiment of the TRANSFORMATION they offer/sell to their community. We do this with continuing development & inner work, so we may serve our community authentically & show up as the best version of ourselves.

As Healers, most of us are running around helping others, neglecting our own needs & the necessary daily Dharma (spiritual practices), & when we are not actively walking the path of the healing & transformation we are offering our clients, we block our own abundance & limit the potentiality available to us within our own Field, doing a great dis-service to our community.
When we are disciplined & do the deeper inner work needed to master our own energy, we transform our pains & limitations & turn them in to our Super Power, & we become embodied experts in our field, which creates the collective clarity needed to flow & attract our soul aligned tribe as we express ourselves more authentically & influence others with our frequency. By the law of resonance, we then organically begin to attract those who seek & need us.
However, the opposite occurs when we are not walking the path we are ‘selling’ (& our community feels this inauthentic vibration).
The result is we can feel like an imposter & so we hide behind our light, sabotaging our abundant potentiality with constant bouts of negative thought looping/self talk, we lack self belief/doubt/trust, our limiting beliefs & fears of not being good enough/of being seen/being judged or ridiculed/failing etc take over.
Sound familiar?
This member portal is a monthly immersion, a place you can come any time to re-activate when you lose your flow, to re-balance & restore, clear the miasmas, release the old soul contracts to facilitate the rapid shifts that take place when working from within your own Akashic Record.
Each session you will facilitate an inner expansion from the higher frequency learning content & experiential transformation journeys that will re-pattern & reconfigure the distortional default programs & quantum entanglements that are keeping you locked in lack or limitation loops, re-coding your DNA to activate the higher strands so you align to your ACTUAL soul potential, collapsing old timelines to re-create a new Higher Reality Field, so you vibrate higher & SHINE, attracting the Tribe that NEEDS you, so you can ultimately liberate from the confines of the 3D matrix & be the spiritually sovereign leader you came here to be.
The Akashic Ascension Academy – Embodied Healer portal is a space to tap in to the powers of Higher quantum frequencies, to Self Activate, to re-attune your soul body, to BE, to heal, to recharge, restore, replenish, to learn more about Quantum CREATION mechanics, to re-code your encryption blueprint & access your unique spiritual gifts & abilities.
My akashic accelerator programs are for those ready for spiritual alchemy & advancement, to help to unplug humanity from the confines & limitations of the 3D frequency fence, to heal the damage & distortion from within the collective reality fields so we can liberate not only ourselves but our bloodlines, to manifest collective harmony & be part of something greater than our Self.
When we tap in to our Quantum/Akashic Reality Fields, we have access to lifetimes of our own multi matrix wisdom & inner knowing, to re-write our past, present & future timelines, & anchor in that which we now choose. We just need to re-activate these frequencies in our multi body templates & the possibilities unfold > right here, at Akashic Ascension Academy, where we do all.
Monthly subscription is just £44
Join NOW & receive 50% off your first month to try it out (cancel any time!) 
Apply > 50OFF < in coupon tab at checkout. 
NOTE: This monthly HEALERS ASCENSION program is valued at £1333
but I am offering it for an amazing monthly fee for subscribers.
** Please note, to experience optimum transformation, the recommended subscription duration is 6 months, however you can cancel at any time, I do not lock people in to any agreements. Please begin from session 1 & follow the sequence to avoid energetic overwhelm, as we go deeper each session prepares you for the next, & the healing journeys can be pretty intense as we release entity implants & imprint distortions.
Once you have joined, please email/whatsapp me so I can add you to the private facebook members group where you can ask questions/share your experiences with other members.
We start at level 1, advancing up to level 3. I recommend you stick around as we go DEEPER & HIGHER into the work!
A strong healthy spiritual immune system serves the physical body, it is part of a larger web of our energetic circulatory system, the etheric matrix that distributes our universal life force energy into our four body systems & fields.
Think of it as treating yourself to a monthly energy healing & clearing & ‘spiritual immune system’ maintenance’ whilst learning > the brain loves stimulation, as it creates new neural pathways, dissipating old subconscious patterning as it integrates higher frequency coding into the etheric (spiritual) channels!

We work to clear the shadow blocks that prevent you from attracting soul aligned relationships, partnerships, clients, etc.

We work on clearing the blocks & sabotages that prevent or limit spiritual abundance > often rooted in childhood wounds.

We work on the blocks that prevent you from stepping out, being seen, or shining your gifts, often caused by self sabotages, failure or victim energy, entity interference, imposter syndrome, healer/higher self blocks/witch wounds, self doubt, lack of self belief/trust, akashic blocking implants, implant thought manipulation – energy/chakra body distortions, & so on.

Each monthly session will be a different topic. Example of some of the training content:

Akashic Creation Mechanics

Energy Body Mechanics

Soul Contracts & Agreements

Soul Anatomy – Soul Groups/Family

Past & Present Life Karmic Contracts

Soul & Life Blocking Programs

Ancestral Trauma Inheritance

Early Developmental Trauma Awareness

Energy Body Distortions – Affects Energy Body Circulatory System

Light Body Mechanics/Spiritual Immune system

DNA Restructuring – Activate higher strands of DNA

False Light Interference

Negative Entity Implants

NOTE: This is not a certified training, but you will learn many alchemical tools for ascension, soul growth, how to access, utilise & embody the records for your own development & integrate the learning in to your own community if you are an energy-worker/way-shower.
To join the next Certified Practitioner training starting 18 Feb, visit:   HERE
Feedback from current training group – May 2022;

“As you Know Mia, I’m already a holistic soul therapist, but I have never experienced anything so powerful as your activations/attunments/meditations! I Have done many trainings over the years, & NOTHING comes close to this training! My body is changing, I am receiving so many downloads & creative inspiration, I can see more detailed information in the energy fields of my clients, its like my third eye has fully activated after the 5D Pineal Activation meditation! I am so happy I was recommended to you by my friend Helen who also did your training”.

Kerry, Soul Healer, UK

“Me too Kerry, I have manifested so much since we started, downloads, inspiration, so much energy, I feel cleaner in my body, manifested more soul aligned clients who are happy to pay my coaching prices, so much incredible business interaction, really feel like I’ve found the missing piece & this training is bringing everything together! I’ve also done lots of trainings, & nothing has come even close to this work. So grateful to you Mia, & so happy I was guided to you xx”

Marie, Shamanic Practitioner, UK

Monthly Sessions:
FIRST SATURDAY of each month – starting 14 JANUARY
9:30am – 11/11:30am GMT/ 10:30am – 12/12;30pm CET/ 16:30pm – 18/18:30pm BKK 

14 JAN/ 4 FEB/ 4 MARCH/ 1 APRIL/ 6 MAY/ 3 JUNE/ 1 JULY/ 5 AUG/ 2 SEPT/ 7 OCT/ 4 NOV/ 2 DEC/ 6 JAN 2024

ALL replays available in your member portal.
  • 1 x monthly 1.5 – 2 hours akashic training/healing/journeying webinar
  • 1 x monthly live Q & A in between sessions
  • PDF Blueprints, Protocols & Clearing Decrees of each training
  • ‘Homework’ practices in-between sessions for advancement
  • A soul family to connect/share & practice remote healings on each other
  • Private group – a safe container to heal, share & express


Recommended duration is minimum 6 months to maximise transformational benefits, but 12 months is where it’s at for the full all inclusive WHOLISTIC content as we will go deeper & higher in each session!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the higher frequency intensity of the journeys & healings, please contact me to consult if you have any health issues or trauma concerns

Replays will be available in your member portal to watch at any time, the portal is always open to you while your subscription is active.
You may cancel at any time, however you will lose access to the member portal & all content.