So its 2nd January 2019, a new paradigm. We are accelerating into an intense period of awakening, heart expansion & higher states of love & consciousness as the planet is flooded & illuminated with even more 5D light. The 3D shadow conditioning & outdated patriarchal systems are quickly being dissolved, the darkness within these systems is being brought to the surface to be transmuted.

The shifts are accelerating rapidly. Isn’t it amazing!?

Many people are feeling this deeply right now, particularly over the last few weeks of 2018 as the year came to a close and the energies shifted from a Universal 2 year into the new Universal 3, and the Higher Intelligence began to clear or upgrade our energy fields. Its been a month or two of high intensity and overwhelm, what with the last full moon in the 2018 cycle too.

In order to receive these planetary upgrades, it is important that we stay in a natural state of happiness, remain open, aligned with the energies and our energy field is vibrating at the same frequency as Earths’.

However, many of us remain blocked, vibrating on lower frequencies and are not in resonance with the energy that the planet is now emitting, due to possible interference or infiltration within the energy field from external sources.

These sources often present themselves as Psychic Attack/Hooks.

A physic hook is a dark or dense energy that is attached to your auric field/psyche by someone or something who thinks or directs negative/nasty/hurtful thoughts & energy towards you.
This can be a subconscious action & quite unintentional from the sender, or it could be intentional by someone you have deeply offended or hurt, a close one, or even the stranger you bumped into accidentally in a supermarket or queue. They can be recent, or old stored attacks that become buried deeply in our energy system & physical body, & if not cleared, leaves you feeling very low, drained, and may eventually lead to superficial or serious illness, be it mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual.

What are the symptoms of being psychically attacked?

• Frequent Irritation & mood swings
• Resentment & frustration
• Anger for no reason
• Sudden fatigue
• Sudden nightmares
• Lack of focus and concentration
• Lost & easily influenced by others
• Feels threatened
• Remain in a state of constant fear
• Falls sick frequently
• Less immunity than before
• Sudden change in character
• Lack of clarity in thinking
• Sudden energy loss
• Sudden depression
• Hallucination
• Obsessive negative thoughts
• Hearing weird voices
• Ongoing bad luck
• Emotional/crying for no reason
• Paranoia
• Goosebumps & feelings of eerieness
• Restlessness
• Bruises on body parts after sleeping
• Anxiety & panic

Symptoms also lead you to think about this person, the sender, with an ‘all knowing feeling’ that something doesn’t feel right, but if you are unaware of energy chords & how it works, you may not realise this.

((I often repeat the famous quote to people ‘energy flows where intention goes’ so you understand how it works…. whether intention is good or bad, intention is very powerful, & is often mis-used & mis-understood … most are aware of this at least..))

On the flip side, you can also attack someone with your dark/negative/hurtful thoughts, so it’s wise to be mindful of what you are thinking about others & why, and not to mis-use your own power.

So, it is fundamentally important to spiritually cleanse yourself frequently, in order to remain strong and aligned with the Divine, that low frequency energies cannot infiltrate your system and attack you.

You can clear any attached hooks by asking Spirit/Creator/Angels/Light Beings or any of your Guides, to remove, release, clear & transmute all hooks, attachments, entities, vows, contracts & agreements from this life, past life, other dimensions etc, from your energy field, & ask it to be returned to source purified, cleansed & healed on all levels, for the Highest Divine order. That way it returns to its origin, cleansed & cleared. Visualise & send the energy out of your body, see it being absorbed by the earth, rivers or sea. ✨

You can also ask to forgive & clear all hooks & low energies that you may have ‘sent’ to others, consciously or unconsciously, that the energy chord be returned to you to be acknowledged, released, cleared, healed & transmuted, on all levels, across all dimensions, for the highest Divine Order. That way you also dissolves any chords or attachments you may have with the person, freeing you both.

This is a very powerful technique you can do regularly, setting yourself & others free to be transformed, so maybe write a list of all people to whom you may have had negative thoughts or feelings to in the past, & be mindful of future thoughts, feelings or speech.

If you need help, & feel not strong or confident enough to do this yourself, I can assist you, so get in touch as soon as possible.

Start 2019 cleansed & purified.
Detox is not just a physical intention after the festivities, but it should also be a Spiritual intention, & something I recommend you doing 2-3 times per week, if not every evening before you go to bed.

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