Welcome Members to this training forum, where you will be guided through a program to learn about all things akashic, quantum, energy, creation, consciousness, journeying, remote viewing etc etc.

Each training session will be streamed & uploaded here in the forum to watch as many times as you choose, or catch up on replays if you cannot join live.

Training Content includes: webinar sessions, pdf documents, meditations, decrees etc, visuals etc.

90 mins Training Sessions will run FIRST Saturday of every month beginning 10 December

9:30am – 11am London GMT

10:30am – 12pm Madrid CET

16:30pm – 18pm BKK Asia

20:30 – 22pm Sydney Aus

The following document contains a powerful clearing & invocation decree. 

Please read out loud daily for minimum 21 days to re-program the subconscious mental body, & reconfigure the energy body template.

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The following is a beautiful divine mantra invocation. Lay down & breath deeply, inhaling the energy of the mantra.