Soul Evolution – Akashic Reading

The Soul is pure consciousness.

It knows nothing other than totality & oneness.

The Soul is given a physical vessel/body in order to experience & evolve.

When we heal, re-programme, & de-condition ourselves, we re-align & harmonise the soul & physical body’s into higher states of unity & cosmic consciousness.


*Please read the following information so you have a clear understanding of this intensive ‘work’.
Also please note, this work is not for those who are not truly ready for self-discovery & transformation, or for those looking or expecting a quick ‘fix’ ….. to do this level of sustained healing work, you will be required to invest in yourself & do the necessary inner-work & self observation after each session. I will mentor & support you through all of this. If you are ready to work WITH me, then please read on….

I wrote this overview article to explain the concept of my work & how it will affect & help you with your future.

You may have heard talk of 3D, 4D, 5D etc etc, D referring to dimensions, but what does it all mean?

When we talk about the different dimensions, we are referring to higher states of consciousness, the Subtle aspects of our energy field, of our soul consciousness, the connection to Divine Source.

Right now the earth is experiencing a huge shift in consciousness & we humans are experiencing a state of ‘awakening’. Some are aware & currently integrating the energies, others are not, but ALL of are being affected in some way, at some level.

The 5D energy is a deeper connection to oneness, Source, to All That Is, we are developing a greater understanding of Self & the ability to create our own external world from this space of higher intelligence as we ascend.

Within the fifth dimension, there is no illusion, it is a purely heart centred space of unconditional love, abundance, creation, plentiness, wholeness & joy.

Planet earth has been ‘stuck’ in 3D for 1000’s of years. The 3D (third dimension) vibration, is one of control, competitiveness, fear, ego-desire, neediness, selfishness – the forces that keep us imprisoned within a system in order to disempower & hold us in a lower frequency vibration of weakness or fear.

Since 12/12/2012, what is known as ‘the Cosmic moment’, perhaps even many years before that, the 3rd Dimensional state here on earth has been shaken, as more people are now being transformed & upgraded to a 5D state. Our Earth & her surrounding planets, has been going through a huge ascension process for many years, & we as humans can no longer exist physically on earth unless we transform & upgrade our energy to this higher vibrational frequency. It is said that earth is the last planet to receive this ascension into these higher frequencies, & we have been sent here as our souls were not yet ready in our previous life, to transcend into this high frequency energy field as we still had karma to work through, patterns to release, lessons to learn. Its no coincidence we are all here together, going through this huge shift, & learning & healing together.

The ascension process is now being forced upon us as earth shifts & accelerates into higher states of consciousness. We can no longer remain in a low frequency state of 3D, & it is the reason so many people are experiencing inner conflict & turmoil right now. Our dormant pineal gland & heart centre are being fully activated by the Christ consciousness matrix, illuminating our shadows self, our deepest fears & limiting core beliefs, causing us to acknowledge & address our issues, so that we can peel back the many layers in order to clear & release, & thus expand our hearts to move gracefully into the evolutionary 5D energy.

Moving into 5D, means escaping restraints, releasing ourselves from the chains we placed around ourselves, or allowed others to place around us. 5D is a state of freedom, it is a new expression based paradigm. It is about authenticity, understanding the divine feminine & divine masculine energy aspects, being in touch & comfortable with your feelings, opening up the ascended heart to a more loving space that was once vulnerable. It is about supporting & loving each other without judgement, holding kind loving space for each other, sharing, clearing away fear & core beliefs around what we have been conditioned to believe love should be, & not what it actually is, simple & pure.

By understanding the evolution of soul consciousness, you can help to accelerate ascension into 5D state. You are going there anyway. This is your time to release all 3D shadow patterning, allowing old wounds & programming to fall away into a space of Divine love, to expand into receiving the abundance the Universe has to offer, to connect to Source energy, to meet your ‘I Am Presence’, the part of you that maybe you have not yet met, your Higher Intelligence, the Wise Soul that you are, your inner Guru that is the very Essence of your internal Self.


You know you have already started the awakening/ascension process if you resonate with the below:

*struggling to cope with it all, unfulfilled, no purpose, lost.
*need help releasing & cutting ties & chords that are holding you back from your soul purpose. *Struggling with personal relationships or the relationship with yourself. *Nobody understands you. *Feeling constantly ill, fatigued, headaches, light-headed, stomach issues, aching joints, pain for no reason. *You may feel as if you do not belong anywhere, alienated as you shift into higher states leaving others behind. *Feel more fear, emotion, sensitive, scared, anxious & experiencing insomnia, nightmares or wake up feeling as if you have been in a battle field. *Experiencing more conflict internally & externally.

✨ How can Akashic Healing help? ✨

By understanding your akashic records & the complexity of the ascension process, by re-programming & freeing yourself from the implants/imprints of the low frequency 3D matrix, you can sustainably heal past issues, & learn how to deal with future challenges, thus becoming the Creator of your own life, actually fulfilling your true potential, rather than allowing life to control & limit what you do.

Book a package of 3 sessions, which begin with an Akashic reading in order to understand your Soul Blueprint, where you are at with your current situation, followed by a clearing & removal of any old attachments from past life/this life, an Energy Upgrade & Soul Re-alignment, to activate & bring the Light Body – the Soul Body, & the Four Body System into complete balance, to help you to shift gently into higher states of consciousness & awareness, to re-program & regenerate the cellular system/DNA by deleting old stored un-serving programs, inherited limiting beliefs, imprints, implants & thought patterns, creating the space to download new beliefs systems.

Accessing the Akashic library, helps me to see where you are currently out of balance at Soul level, to understand what belief systems you are currently holding, in order to help to clear any hurts, traumas, fears & phobias, to help you to feel more balanced & in control of the your soul journey & ascension process, which is ultimately why we are all here.

**NOTE; I feed back to you via voice recording, anything that I read & pick up during the session, followed by what I specifically worked on, & any guidance of where you need to focus going forward, to help you to discover more about yourself, your path & true purpose. This is so that you have a record of each session to play back & listen to at any time for your future development.

✨What results can I expect after a session?

After just one session i assure that you will feel lighter, with a sense of having been healed on a deeper soul level, calm & relaxed, with more clarity & focus, inspired & energised. With these unique healing sessions, I have had many positive results, inspiring people to begin or deepen their process of spiritual awakening.
You will learn how to help yourself through the process, & discover your own divine energy, intuition, wisdom, knowledge & the inner Guru.
**Note: These sessions will require you to do a level of internal work – meditation, self reflection, & contemplation after each session, & most importantly, patience to allow the integration of the new energies. I will guide you through the whole process.

You will notice, over a period of time, shifts & changes, as the old falls away, allowing the new to enter your life. Be prepared, as it may not be the things you expect or want to change, but it will be what you NEED to change, whatever it is, it will be for your highest good & for Divine Order, as the Energies/Higher Intelligence, only gives us what we need & what we can handle in any given moment, so it will need you to trust the flow & the process.  I will coach you through it, whenever & whatever you need.

We will have an initial consultation to understand more about you & where you are right now on the path, & to connect our energies & discuss any issues or sensitivities you may currently have, any problem areas.

I work to release any psychic attacks, hooks, attachments, vows, contracts or agreements from this lifetime, other timelines, past lives, embedded limiting beliefs & negative programming, 3D conditioning & shadow patterning.

You may experience emotion, sadness, grief, or pure bliss & peace, depending on what comes up during the sessions. Allow whatever comes,  it as it needs to be addressed. I will hold the space for you & help to heal & clear whatever comes up as we work together.

✨ Core Limiting beliefs & negative thought patterns are ingrained into our cellular memory & into our subconsciousness, usually in childhood, or even as early as the womb as we absorb the energy of our mother, father & other close relatives, by our peers, teachers & ancestors. These patterns can also be triggered from our past lives, karmic lessons we have not yet learned or released in this life, & until we acknowledge & process these thought patterns, we cannot begin to heal or clear them. The clearing is pretty easy once we understand what it is that we are holding on to. That can be the difficult part, & will require self reflection & self study.

✨ The Akash.
Everything we have ever thought, felt or acted out, our beliefs, our fears, phobias etc, in this life & our many past lives, has been manifested into our physicality, & this is why so many of us become or stay in a state of dis-ease, recurring illness, fatigued, depressed, anxious etc.. It is stored on our DNA, the cellular system, in our bones, blood & internal organs, in our subtle body, the frequency around us, & then certain things we experience in our present, trigger the memories & we re-live the trauma over again, until we release & heal it.

So many people are in need of healing right now with the earth’s ascension process, as this shift brings up old traumas & issues to be addressed.

This is no longer a choice. It is a necessity in order to shift the energies into 5th Dimension. It is time to address the shifts in humanity.

You can either wake up & face it, or stay ‘suffering’ & sleeping.
Are you ready?


I recommend booking the initial package I offer of 3 sessions for the most transformational results, followed by an ongoing monthly session to remain harmonised & to support your evolution & growth, or until we have cleared what is ready to be shifted. I will teach you how to help yourself & do the internal work that you will need to do to sustain healing, so that going forward you will hopefully be able to work without my guidance as you learn to trust yourself & your ability.
This depends of course on your level of commitment to change & growth. I will work with you as long as you feel you need my help, & offer nurturing support.



These sessions are conducted remotely after a Skype/video chat, whichever is your preferred method of communication.

The healing can be sent anywhere round the world. There is no time or space with Energy, & it works just as powerfully, if not deeper, as face to face or hands on sessions, as I am working multidimensionally with your Akashic Library.

The readings will help to empower you, to balance & clear mental, emotional & physical blockages within the etheric, astral & spiritual bodies, promoting healing on a soul level.

I have been doing this work for many years. Feedback from clients never stops to amaze me, the accuracy of each reading & clearing that I do since working with the Akash.

**See a testimonial below or go to my facebook page to view more.


‘I feel so much lighter & clearer after my session with Mia, I felt the energy very strong all the way from where she was in Vietnam, I’m in the USA. Everything she picked up was so spot on & totally resonated with me, it was awesome. I felt so peaceful. She is very gifted & amazing at what she does. Since then she has helped many of my friends & family too! My personal relationships have also improved so much! It’s great having a healer & coach on hand at a moments notice that you can message anytime for a quick balancing session when you need. Thanks so much Mia, you never know how much you help us!. Deborah’


Only 2 appointments available per day so contact ASAP to schedule yours!


for a one off session – £70 GBP or $100 US

3 sessions package – £180 or $230 US 

I do not need you to be present to access your Records, but we will connect for a consultation prior to the program Sessions.

Payments by bank transfer, revolut or paypal.

Click on the link below to make payment by PayPal & pay GBP, paypal will auto convert if you are in another currency.

Or contact me for bank or revolut payment info.

Once payment is received we will schedule an appointment to suit you. I work morning, afternoon & evening, every day, taking into account any time difference.

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You can also purchase my Chakra & Energy Body Transformation workbook to help yourself work through the process. This book is full of simple to follow information about how energy works, & daily tips & techniques to clear your own energy field.

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I have been healing & teaching since 2011, working internationally in retreats in both Europe SE Asia & Indonesia, facilitating & teaching workshops, to help those in need of healing & other healers & spiritual seekers looking for development.
I have worked closely with Spiritual Teachers, Gurus & Earth Keepers in India, Bali & Thailand, where I spent time with Monks, learning the Bhuddist philosophy, & I continuously practise & learn from other incredible teachers around the world. I am for ever learning, growing & evolving in order to continue giving the best of myself to you.

I have had such amazingly profound sessions & feedback from so many clients from around the world, this energy never ceases to amaze me each time! It is so beautiful.

💖 Love 💖 Mia 💖


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