Soul Evolution

”Each Soul has its own purpose & way of manifesting its own human experience.

The Soul is pure consciousness. It knows nothing other than totality.

The Soul is given a physical vessel in order to experience & evolve.

When we align ourselves at Soul level, we allow the integration & harmonisation of the spiritual body experience & the human body experience, bringing our Self into higher states of unity & cosmic consciousness.”



  Why do we continue to attract & repeat the same negative & low vibrational experiences? Why do we keep attracting the same disruptive situations & energetic encounters? Why are we so often left unfulfilled & dis-satisfied, no matter what we achieve in our career, relationships & other areas within our personal life?

In my opinion, there are two fundamental reasons for this;

One, is because our soul-self, you can also call it our ‘spiritual’ self, wants our human-self to remember who we are, before we were ‘programmed’ by limitation. We have unconsciously separated our soul-self from our human-self, in order to survive this 3D reality, yet our soul is constantly trying to communicate with its human, & remind the human that this is not why it is here, this is not the experience it should be having, & so we are left feeling  conflicted, & unfulfilled, no matter what & how much we achieve.       Material gain is not congruent to our spiritual self – this is a human program.

Two, the programs we are running in our subconscious. These programs are a result of the belief systems that we have inherited from our parents & ancestors & of those that have been ingrained into us in childhood, also by our teachers, who have also been programmed by the mainstream narrative. We unconsciously perpetuate these beliefs throughout our life, & as a result we often self sabotage because we have been limited for so long by the slavery/commerce system of which we have willingly ‘submitted’ ourselves to. We have very little idea of our multidimensional abilities, so we often sabotage any spiritual expression of ourselves that we ‘believe’ is outside of the mainstream paradigm, so that we are not persecuted for being different.

Allow me to explain about The Soul & Its’ Creation:  

Divine Source experiences itself through its creations. A Soul is created by Divine Source, so that Divine Source is able to experience itself through each Soul.

A Soul contains aspects of Divine Source, & inherits the creative abilities of  Divine Source, so that it too can experience itself. 

At our origination/point of creation, we are aspects of Divine Source made up of the ten dimensional aspects of existence, as is recognized by Quantum Physics. We incarnate for the first time into a star system that is most vibrationally like us at our point of origination. We then choose other carnations & experiences to learn & express. It is here on earth, at the third dimensional level, that we make choices & create the karma that influences our future carnations & experiences. In order to resolve karma, we must address it from the same level of consciousness that we created it.

This is why I created this signature program;

First I will read your Akashic records to understand your Soul Blueprint, who you are as a multidimensional, & what is restricting you. Then I will help you to clear & re-set, the Souls’ Blueprint, to zero point, so you can re-create the life you truly want to experience.

The Akashic Reading will offer you insight into who you are at Soul level, & uncover the root causes (karma) behind the persistent patterns of thought, emotion, & behaviour that create the blocks & restrictions that cause your situations & experiences. This will unlock your potential as Master & Creator of your reality.

The Soul Healing & Clearing, will re-integrate the soul body & the human body experiences, & unlock your DNA & the multidimensional you, the true you before you made the negative choices that created your current 3D experiences. The clearing will delete the programs & beliefs that create the negative patterns that keep you attracting the experiences & situations, the same negative behaviours, lifetime after lifetime.


I am here to remind you to awaken to your true self, to your potential as a spiritual being, to help you to make sense of your present life situations & how to resolve & transform to re-create new more positive experiences, without limitation, & to realise your existence on this planet is way beyond the 9 – 5 paradigm, & way beyond just the mother/father/husband/wife role. IT IS TIME TO RE-DEFINE YOURSELF.

This unique & evolutionary process include 2 sessions:

1) First sessionThe Akashic Reading – tapping into the etheric superhighway, reading your living library of information to discover your Divine Soul Blueprint – who you are at Soul level, your Soul group/the star system at which you were first created, your governing energetic quality so you can understand your purpose, any blocks & restrictions – attachments/implants/programs/vows/constraints etc, the origination of the karmic patterning & how this has influenced the past negative choices you made that have created your current reality, & how you can transform anything that is no longer serving you & hindering your current life experience & evolution.

2) Second session The Clearing – includes a Soul Attunement to re-integrate & re-program the energy body systems, clear what is stored within your genetic make-up, limiting you & causing your current negative situations & experiences, remove present & past life restrictions, trauma, & any of the above attachment mechanisms – to harmonise & integrate the spiritual & human self.

** Please note: This is an in-depth reading & may take me a 2-3 days to complete, as there may be things I need to clear through each stage of the process. I will contact you to arrange a video session once it is complete & I have put a Soul Reading together for you to understand. We will then begin the work on the clearing & healing session. You will be required to do ‘homework’ to assist this whole process, I will explain this when we talk.

** Your investment into yourself for this Evolutionary 2 part process;

£150 –  ( £75 each session ) 

Should you wish to only experience the healing & clearing part of this evolutionary process, you can do so @ £75 for the session. 
*note – this will not involve the full process with the Akashic reading, but a general Soul healing & clearing, as mentioned above.  

My investment to you;

Support & guidance through this transformational process.

Most clients often need ongoing guidance as they experience huge shifts over the coming weeks & months. Please note, I am available to you throughout, to assist & hold space for you.

*Should you require any subsequent follow up healing sessions, these will be charged @ £50 each – you may or may not need, each individual soul is different in accordance to the depth of their necessary transformation., you will intuitively feel this after some time in observation.

Connect with me via WhatsApp or email for a free consultation, & to feel if we are a vibrational match to work together.

+44 (0) 7496454628             

** You can also request an Akashic/Soul Level reading for your loved ones, so that you can also understand the relationship between you, & who they are at Soul Level.

Please read the ‘3D to 5D’ article below to understand how & why I created this unique signature program, & how this will positively affect your future by investing in this evolutionary process.

3D to 5D Consciousness. 

You may have heard talk of 3D, 4D, 5D etc, ‘D’ referring to ‘dimensions’, but what does it actually mean, for a spiritual novice?

When we talk about the different dimensions, we are referring to higher states of consciousness, the Subtle aspects of our energy field, of our soul consciousness, the connection to Divine Source.

Right now the earth is experiencing a huge shift in consciousness & we humans are experiencing a state of ‘awakening’. Some are aware & currently integrating the energies, others are not, but ALL of are being affected in some way, at some level.

The 5D energy is a deeper connection to oneness, Source, to All That Is, we are developing a greater understanding of Self & the ability to create our own external world from this space of higher intelligence as we ascend.

Within the fifth dimension, there is no illusion, it is a purely heart centred space of unconditional love, abundance, creation, wholeness & joy.

Planet earth has been ‘stuck’ in 3D for 1000’s of years. The 3D (third dimension) vibration, is one of control, competitiveness, fear, ego-desire, neediness, selfishness – the forces that keep us imprisoned within a system in order to disempower & hold us in a lower frequency vibration of weakness or fear.

Since 12/12/2012, what is known as ‘the Cosmic moment’, perhaps even many years before that, the 3rd Dimensional state here on earth has been shaken, as more people are now being transformed & upgraded to a 5D state. Our Earth & her surrounding planets, has been going through a huge ascension process for many years, & we as humans can no longer exist physically on earth unless we transform & upgrade our energy to this higher vibrational frequency. It is said that earth is the last planet to receive this ascension into these higher frequencies, & we have been sent here as our souls were not yet ready in our previous life, to transcend into this high frequency energy field as we still had karma to work through, patterns to release, lessons to learn. Its no coincidence we are all here together, going through this huge shift, & learning & healing together.

The ascension process is now being forced upon us as earth shifts & accelerates into higher states of consciousness. We can no longer remain in a low frequency state of 3D, & it is the reason so many people are experiencing inner conflict & turmoil right now. Our dormant pineal gland & heart centre are being fully activated by the Christ consciousness matrix, illuminating our shadows self, our deepest fears & limiting core beliefs, causing us to acknowledge & address our issues, so that we can peel back the many layers in order to clear & release, & thus expand our hearts to move gracefully into the evolutionary 5D energy.

Moving into 5D, means escaping restraints, releasing ourselves from the chains we placed around ourselves, or allowed others to place around us. 5D is a state of freedom, it is a new expression based paradigm. It is about authenticity, understanding the divine feminine & divine masculine energy aspects, being in touch & comfortable with your feelings, opening up the ascended heart to a more loving space that was once vulnerable. It is about supporting & loving each other without judgement, holding kind loving space for each other, sharing, clearing away fear & core beliefs around what we have been conditioned to believe love should be, & not what it actually is, simple & pure.

By understanding the evolution of soul consciousness, you can help to accelerate ascension into 5D state. You are going there anyway. This is your time to release all 3D shadow patterning, allowing old wounds & programming to fall away into a space of Divine love, to expand into receiving the abundance the Universe has to offer, to connect to Source energy, to meet your ‘I Am Presence’, the part of you that maybe you have not yet met, your Higher Intelligence, the Wise Soul that you are, your inner Guru that is the very Essence of your internal Self.


You know you have already started the awakening/ascension process if you resonate with the below:

*struggling to cope with it all, unfulfilled, no purpose, lost.
*need help releasing & cutting ties & chords that are holding you back from your soul purpose. *Struggling with personal relationships or the relationship with yourself. *Nobody understands you. *Feeling constantly ill, fatigued, headaches, light-headed, stomach issues, aching joints, pain for no reason. *You may feel as if you do not belong anywhere, alienated as you shift into higher states leaving others behind. *Feel more fear, emotion, sensitive, scared, anxious & experiencing insomnia, nightmares or wake up feeling as if you have been in a battle field. *Experiencing more conflict internally & externally.

Akashic reading will help you to understand who you are at Soul level, your Soul Blueprint, & where you are at with your current situation, followed by a clearing & removal of any old attachment mechanisms from past life/this life, an Energy Upgrade & Soul Re-alignment, to activate the Light Body – the Soul Body, & integrate the Four Body System into a complete state of balance, to help you to shift into higher states of consciousness & awareness, to re-program & restore the cellular system/DNA by deleting old stored & un-serving programs, beliefs, imprints, implants & thought patterns, creating space to download new beliefs systems & make more positive choices.

**Note: These sessions will require you to do a internal work – meditation, self reflection, & contemplation after each session, & most importantly, patience to allow the integration of the new energies. 

You will notice, over a period of time, shifts & changes, as the old falls away, allowing the new to enter your life. Be prepared, as it may not be the things you expect or want to change, but it will be what you NEED to change, whatever it is, it will be for the highest good & divine order, as the Energies/Higher Intelligence, only gives us what we need & what we can handle in any given moment, so it will need you to trust the flow & the process.  I will coach you through it, whenever & whatever you need.

We will have an initial consultation to understand more about you & where you are right now on the path, & to connect our energies & discuss any issues or sensitivities you may currently have, any problem areas.

As we are working to release any programs/psychic attacks/attachments/vows, contracts/agreements etc from this & other timelines, you may experience a sense of loss – emotion, sadness, grief, or you may experience pure bliss & peace. 

** Core Limiting beliefs & thought patterns are implanted into our cellular memory & our subconsciousness, we inherit them in childhood, or in the womb as we absorb the energy of our mother, father. These patterns can also be triggered from our past lives, karmic lessons we have not yet learned or released in this life, & until we acknowledge & process these thought patterns, we cannot begin to heal or clear them. The clearing is pretty easy once we understand what it is that we are holding on to. That can be the difficult part, & will require self reflection & self study.

** The Akash – The Sum of all our thoughts, feelings, words & actions throughout our existence.

Everything we have actioned, every choice we have made, has been manifested into our physical reality. It is stored within our DNA, absorbed into our bones, blood & internal organs, in our subtle body, the frequency around us, & then certain things we experience in our present, trigger the memories & we re-live the trauma over again, until we release & heal it.

The readings will help to empower you, to balance & clear mental, emotional & physical blockages within the etheric, astral & spiritual bodies, promoting healing on a soul level.

I have been doing this work for many years. Feedback from clients never stops to amaze me, the accuracy of each reading & clearing that I do since working with the Akash.

**See a testimonial below or go to my facebook page to view more.


‘I feel so energised & much clearer after my session with Mia, I felt the energy very strong all the way from where she was in Vietnam, I’m in the USA. Everything she picked up was so spot on & totally resonated with me, it was awesome. I felt so peaceful. She is very gifted & amazing at what she does. I have a new zest for life, and am excited to delve deeper into myself as a spiritual being. Since then she has helped many of my friends & family too! My personal relationships have also improved so much! It’s great having a healer & coach on hand at a moments notice that you can message anytime for a re-balancing session when you need. Thanks so much Mia, you never know how much you help us!. Deborah’


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You can also purchase my Chakra & Energy Body Transformation workbook to help you work through & understand the process. This book is full of simple techniques to follow, & to help you to understand  the energy body system.

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I have been teaching since 2011, working internationally in retreats in Europe, SE Asia & Indonesia, facilitating workshops to help seekers looking for spiritual development.
I am for ever learning, growing & evolving in order to continue giving the best of myself to you.



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