Self Love Into The Heart Nature Retreat, Glastonbury, England



 DATE TBC 2018

A 2 night, 3 day weekend workshop/retreat, learning to love yourself, opening the 3 heart chakras as we journey through the earths energy centres & learn how to attract & manifest abundance, by clearing subconcious limiting beliefs & inherited negative thought patterns.

There is no better place to connect with our Heart Center than in the Earth’s Heart Center itself, Glastonbury.


Glastonbury Tor


There will be an informative workshop on the Earths Chakras including journeying into the Divine Feminine & the Crystalline Grid to assist our Ascension into the Golden Era, the 5th Dimensional Frequencies that are now upon us…. I will explain the connection to numerology & astrology to give you an insight into how it all comes together & impacts our transformation & growth.

We will connect to the Cosmic elements, the elements that reside within each of us, earth, water, fire, air, ether/space, & the cosmos, to assist the heart opening & manifestation process, as we spend time in nature meditating & visiting Glastonbury’s famous & archeological ruins & sites including The Abbey, the Tor & Chalice Well.

You will leave this retreat/workshop informed & able to assist you own ascension & healing process, & further able to stay open hearted in order to attract love & abundance!


Chalice Well


*Arrive Friday afternoon by 16:00

17:00pm we will begin a 90 mins yoga & meditation class

19:00 we will meet for dinner

20:30pm yoga nidra

21:30 relaxing with a herbal tea before bed

*We will begin each day, Saturday & Sunday with a 90 mins heart opening yoga & meditation at 8:00am followed by a healthy vegetarian breakfast.
*After relaxing for an hour or so we will have a late morning informative hands on workshop.
*Lunch & outdoor activities meditating at & exploring Glastonbury & it’s ancient ruins, connecting our energies with the Earth’s Heart Chakra, & visiting the beautiful historic town of love, for crystal shopping or to relax in the cool cafes.
*Saturday Afternoon we will return around 4:30 – 5:00pm to relax for an hour or so, then begin a restorative heart opening Yin practise at 6:00pm.
*7:30pm – We will have dinner in the farm house or go out to a local country pub depending on group dynamics. Dining out will be an optional extra cost.
*Finish the day around 8:30 – 9pm pm, unless we dine out, with an optional 30 minute Savasana, the resting pose, while I guide you through a beautiful Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) to promote a relaxing & healing restorative sleep.

Sunday morning:

Yoga & Meditation

Breakfast. Workshop. Checkout. Have lunch in Glasyonbury & go to the Tor for a meditation ceremony,  followed by shopping in the town if anyone wants to stay longer.

We will say our goodbyes around 16:00pm for anyone who wants to stay with the group


ruins of Glastonbury Abbey, Somerset, England


This retreat will be within driving distance to Glastonbury centre, in a beautiful cosy luxury farmhouse. We will practise yoga, weather permitting, outdoors on the beautiful open lawns.

Cost is £250 per person based on 2 people sharing. There will be an extra cost if you wish to have a private room.
Other dates & locations for this weekend themed retreat in the UK & Europe to be confirmed.

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Picture taken in Wat Pralad Temple – Chiang Mai, Thailand, December 2017