Human Design & Ancestral Healing

Its a blustery monsoon-like day today here in the UK…&… I’m in my contemplative mode again, & when im in this frequency, I write, hence articulating my thoughts to the world hoping to inspire & trigger folk into action! ☺️

So, what I want to share today, is a subject that is close to my heart after working on, still working on, (its a continuous journey) myself, & healing my bloodline;

Ancestral healing – clearing old belief systems – the human design;

Do you get confused with all the posts you read on social media platforms, talking about the planets/moon cycles, super moons, blue moons, mercury retrograde, lunar & solar eclipses, winter & summer solstice, 8/8 – Lions-gate, 3/3, 9/9, 11/11, 12/12, etc etc, the uploads, downloads, light-codes, & how all of this impacts us, how it is upgrading/transforming/shifting, maybe often causing us to feel overwhelmed, low, anxious, stressed, out of control, sometimes even using it all as excuse for our current behaviours, emotional states, because we simply fail to take ownership so we ‘blame the moon!? 😬 Its a constant, right? it never stops! One thing is certain in life, a spiritual law, the Law of Flux/Fluidity. Everything is in constant flux, including us. So ye, we are constantly being upgraded & changing. We know how all these planetary events affect our psyche, our energy, our physical body, yet what nobody ever offers in these ‘insightful’ posts about the cosmic events & planetary shifts, is how the heck do we deal with it all (apart from, MEDITATE!) & if in-fact it can help us to heal if we are not only in a constant turmoil with the 3D earthly existence, we’re also in turmoil with the cosmos, right!? Phew! 😳

So, where to begin the healing journey? .….. a million dollar question.

I’m hoping to simplify it for you here, so keep reading….

In my experience, healing & transformation, it is all one & the same, begins with understanding our own personal human design, our generational blueprint, DNA, our bloodline. After all, its written in the stars, right! 😬 no? ok, lets start on planet Earth.

OK, so, science teaches that the physical body is made up of cells that have the potential to self regulate. As Humans, we have the capacity to assist & deepen this process, by understanding & healing our ancestral lineage – we each have the innate intelligence, & power, not in a fluffy woohoooo way, but factual scientific or spiritual based understanding, whichever way path you choose to learn…… there is a fine line between spirituality & science, & science is finally catching up with what prophets, sages & mystics have been teaching & sharing for 1000’s of years! Hallelujah!

It is right to say that we ‘inherit’ physical, mental, emotional behaviours etc from our bloodline, we are all born with a DNA blueprint, but we do not have to be defined by these conditions. We do not need to ‘accept’ our genetic make up, it is not set in stone, & we can change it. We all have the capabilities to transform energy, & what the doctors/scientists label ‘hereditary’ dis-ease/illness/behaviour etc.

Example: My story in brief.
My mother was born into a family, parents & grandparents, with deeply embedded issues & neurotic phobias, (undiagnosed as it was back then but clear signs of PTSD from the 1st & 2nd world wars). My Mother grew up in a pretty loveless family, & absorbed all that energy, & has thus ‘suffered’ all her life with mental illness – chronic & acute anxiety, depression etc. Because she never had an outlet – a channel to release & let go – she became agoraphobic & fearful.

I spent my childhood from the age of 6 or 7, being the Mum to my Mum & little brother, & making sure my father – who in turn was stressed & angry with it all, he had his family issues too – came home from work into a relaxed atmosphere – lot of pressure for a young kid eh!
I took it all in my stride & just got on with it, I was a tough little cookie, & nobody really knew what the family was going through, as things back then weren’t so open as now, we are all programmed to just get on with it, supress & not show emotion, thankfully this is all changing now 🙏

I observed not only my parents, but my grandparents, my uncles, aunts & extended family…. I was a wise soul even at that young age, kids are highly intuitive, sadly we just become brainwashed from a very young age by mainstream bullshit, but that’s another article for another time … so by the time I got to the age of 18, I had a vision of ‘becoming’ my bloodline & taking on the energy, or I could transmute it… I had looked around at the world of programmed fearful robots & sheep, & said ‘F*** THIS SHIT! THERE HAS TO BE MORE TO LIFE THAN ALL OF THIS. WHAT THE HECK IS THIS ALL ABOUT? WHO AM I, WHY AM I HERE?

…. I made it my mission to break the genetic cycle – though I didn’t understand any of it at the time, I guess my evolved higher self/consciousness/intelligence, was the driving force – sadly, my Mother never had this realisation, she has been so cleverly programmed with deeply embedded belief systems & REFUSES TO WAKE UP.

My childhood, the family that I ‘chose’ to be born into, was my inspiration to begin my soul journey/purpose. My family still are, to date, my best teachers & mirrors.

They say we sign agreements & contracts, & ‘choose’ our family before we carnate, to learn, to discover our purpose in order to grow & evolve. If I had not ‘chosen’ my parents, I do not think I would be where I am today, both personally, & as a healer & coach, helping others in need of guidance. Because of my desire to break the cycle of ‘my human design’, I began to study human behaviour, energy, quantum physics, spirituality, & how to heal with what is now known as alternative, or natural medicine & energy therapies – though conventional medicine that we have know the last 140 years, is actually the alternative, for 1000’s of years doctors used energy medicine, herbs, plants & earth, to heal the human body. Go figure!

So, back to the point of the blog, when we understand our DNA make up, we can better understand some of the energy we have inherited from our parents, particularly our mother, as we feel all that our mother feels as early as when we are in the womb. Its pretty logical, right? We absorb all of the surroundings, sound, voice, emotion, nutrients, toxins – physical & emotional – from our mother, & her loved ones, whilst a foetus.

That being said, we have the ability to upgrade our DNA/GENETIC blueprint, we can change the course of our evolutionary programming, with WILL, & self regulating.

DNA changes, our cellular system restores itself cyclically. Therefore, we can shift & transmute illnesses & disease, if we CHOOSE to. Our choices, are merely based on our perceptions. Change the perception, think outside of the ‘mainstream’ box, & YOU/WE, are all capable of ANYTHING. WE ARE NOT THE BY-PRODUCT OF OUR ANCESTORS. With WILL & WISDOM, we can break the cycle & create a new persona, lifestyle.

We need to THRIVE in this NEW WORLD ORDER, we need to un-condition ourselves from the old outdated programs & belief systems in order to TAP INTO OUR PURE POTENTIAL. ✨

FIRSTLY; By understanding our Genetic make-up. Understanding our close & distant ancestors – parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, their history, how they lived & experienced life, the patterns that may have been repeated down the line, understanding the root. When we understand this, we have a greater understanding of ourselves, & where to begin, & at what level.
SECONDLY; become aware of your traumas, hurts, wounds, at core level. Some of our traumas are conscious, others unconscious, forgotten, buried so deep we have no memory of it as it is too painful to re-live. Trauma creates a chemical in the body (know as neuro-peptides), that is stored within the tissues & organs, if it is left untreated/buried, it will create dis-ease within the body, which will manifest at some point, to illness & or disease, be it mental/emotional illness, or physical illness/disease.

How can we heal our trauma?


It is the first step to triggering the body mind auto responses into its’ own facilitation process. The cells will trigger memories & guide the body to purge it in its’ own intelligent way, through sickness, blood, sweat, tears or bodily waste. This can take some time, & can initially be a slow mental or physical painful process.


We can speed up this process, or delve deeper into the hurt/trauma, by oxygenating the blood, using various energy healing & breath work techniques. These techniques can also help us to manage any stress & or anxieties – which is often CAUSED by the trauma trying to release itself – by harmonising the brain & the heart. Often we unconscously fight between our heart intelligence & our mind intelligence, so by bringing coherence into the heart brain systems, we can re-set & rewire our whole complex nervous system – which is connected to both the heart & the brain – & bring the physical, mental & emotional bodies into balance.

All we need is a solid spiritual & emotional anchor.
, I mean science/spiritual/practical LOVE.

Everything in the UNIVERSE responds in profound & magnificent ways to LOVE. FACT!

Ever seen Dr Emoto’s molecular love hate experiment with water particles? If not, please google it. It is incredible to witness the effects of human consciousness on water. With that knowledge we can transform our own DNA – cellular system with the same frequencies.

Send love into every part of your body, from the tip of the head to the tips of the fingers & toes. Witness your body shift within days, possibly hours. Then send that same frequency down your bloodline.

Love has the power to transcend & heal. It has the power to turn darkness into light. Love is our ESSENCE, our NATURAL STATE OF BEING.
It is not a goal. It is a choice. Love is an embodiment & a perspective. Love has the power to transcend fear, & to transform & heal anyone. At any level.

Conditioning & fear based systems have ‘programmed’ us to lose touch with our core essence. The entities that live amongst us – corporation, pharma, church, academia, government – dictate the system & the control it has over us, by feeding us mainstream news & information, all ‘programs’ we need to DELETE from our computer software otherwise known as the BRAIN. (ever wondered why TV programs are called programs!?) We can do this with LOVE BASED THINKING. INTERNALISE LOVE. ANCHOR IT.

MAINSTREAM SOURCES, PARTICULARLY THE EDUCATION SYSTEM, HAVE TAUGHT US HOW TO HAND OVER OUR POWER TO THE SYSTEM. TO EXTERNALISE, to TRUST our health system, trust our doctors, who, ironically, are also programmed, & because of this, we have lost the sense of who we are, how powerful we are, our intuition & wisdom. ‘THEY’ do not want us to know our true potential, (maybe they don’t know theirs either), because if we did, there would be no more ‘system’, no more fear by control. WE WOULD BE, WE ARE, LIMITLESS! WE ARE HIGHLY INTELLIGENT, CREATIVE SPIRITUAL BEINGS, WITH INNATE CAPABILITIES. ALL OF US!

Thankfully, as the planet shifts in consciousness, the world & her inhabitants are waking up.

THINK LOVE, BE LOVE, FEEL LOVE, SEND LOVE. Even when its hard to LOVE – This is just the ego preventing you from your true state.

There’s a lot of INTERNAL work to do, right!?

Where to begin? (Or you can continue sleeping, to live a limited life. Its your choice).

Ask yourself, (as quoted by Gregg Braden) ‘am I worth the work it takes to embrace the deepest truth of my existence’?


We are NOT here to be sheep, we are here as unique individuals, to learn, evolve & grow together, as a collective intelligent energy. It is our job as unique individuals, to fulfil this mission/contract on earth. If we do not, we will continue to suffer, & repeat the same patterns over & over, until the day we finally wake up & REALISE our POTENTIAL.

Thank you for reading.

With LOVE as always

Mia 🙏💖

I am an Empowerment & Wellness Mentor, & Spiritual Awakening Coach & Healer.

Years of self study, research & internal work, has given me the experience & tools to heal many aspects of myself, on a soul level, ancestral level, at core level, & through my own, sometimes very painful, experiences, I have been able to help others to awaken, to heal, to achieve their desires & fulfil their potential. To see others transform, brings me pleasure, & that is transformational for me too. So you see, its a ripple effect, a wave of LOVE, that spreads across the oceans & touches everyone.

Join me on one of my Private One to One Retreat programs, & I will work with you intensively over a period of 4-7 days in a stunning rural location so you can take time out for yourself, to invest in yourself, or if you have a busy life, I can work with you directly online, to help you to get to the place you desire, or fear, effectively, with proven results.

Visit my other web pages on this website, to view my work, & get in touch for a free consultation.

I’m here, waiting to help you to realise your potential. xx

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