Chakra & Energy Body Transformation Workbook






This work-book has been created with love, to assist you in making the necessary changes you seek in order to facilitate the healing and transformation process.

It is exactly as the title reads.

I have put together all my knowledge and personal experiences to help you understand the power that lies within, and how you can change the course and direction of your life,and of those around you. 

The workbook is full of simple easy to follow techniques to help you to clear the subconscious limiting beliefs that keep you repeating and attracting the same negative patterns. 


PRICE  £9.99

The price, 9.99 was chosen intuitively, as 9 is the number of transformation, the end of a cycle,          & as you begin this work, you will find that it does exactly that, transforms your energy, from old 3D patterning, into the new ascension energies of 5D.

This book will help you to connect with the Archangels, to help with integrity, discernment, intuition, internal work and progress.

It signifies working harmoniously and intuitively with the higher and angelic realms as they encourage you to work diligently towards success and fulfillment. 

It is about taking positive action towards your goals and highest intentions, and trusting that you are supported by the universe and the Archangels on your path.

The Angels will always be there to assist and guide, you just need to ask.

If this resonates with you please purchase via paypal link below & write ebook as the reference 

The pdf file will be sent to you within 24 hours via email to download.

Can also be bought as a gift.

This can then be saved and stored in your ibooks or kindle if you have a smart phone or tablet.


If you want personal support and help working through this book to delve deeper into your transformation and desires, I can offer one to one personal coaching, remote/distance healing, or guided meditations. 

Can be done from anywhere in the world, remotely via skype or telephone. 

I can also offer card readings to assist and guide you with your progress.

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