Many people are now waking up and seeking ‘their own’ TRUTH, & are realising that the things that once served them no longer resonate. People are understanding that REAL DEEP healing, comes from that internal space we were never given the opportunity to connect with growing up in our fast paced environment. BUT, here’s the the thing preventing so many from delving into this ever essential path of healing/awakening…..

There’s just too much conflicting information out there, right? Whether you are a beginner, or already well on your path, it can be so darn confusing with all the many different tools and techniques that are shared by the many coaches/healers/teachers/gurus now available to us via online sources…….. ultimately they all lead to the same destination and have the same goal, that is to attain peace, balance, to heal, to self realise so that you can wake up to yourself, to your truth, to break free from the system, and find your own path/purpose to fulfilling your dreams and desires!

✨HEALING IS A JOURNEY THROUGH THE SELF ✨ My mantra, inspired by Yogi Bhajan 🥰

Whatever age you begin your journey of self discovery, it’s important to understand that there are many layers of hurt and pain to work through, each layer needs to be addressed in order to HEAL that particular layer, & often there are many depths to a particular layer. There is no ‘quick fix’ no sustained enlightenment, only periods of joy, bliss and awareness as we release and acknowledge/heal the layers, and for each layer we heal, we release another layer, and so it goes on. Its hard work, sometimes it can be overwhelming and raw, but it is worth the effort as it brings us closer to our AUTHENTIC SELF, our TRUTH, to our PURPOSE, and to our DESTINATION – wherever that may be for you. For most people, they just want to be peaceful and happy. It is our true nature, our rite of passage/birth rite!

So I’m here writing this because I want to break it down for you, in 5 simple steps:

*First step, understand where issues/problems originate;

The root/seed, is quite often implanted or inherited from our childhood, past on to us through parents/grandparents/ancestors – by way of beliefs, imprints and repeat ancestral patterning …. from childhood hurts/wounding/trauma, from school – belief systems/religion/social and life conditioning/programming, from peers/teachers, who have also been conditioned and programmed by the system …….. and finally of course as we reach adulthood – the thoughts we have, originating from our beliefs, life experiences, situations and influences that happen in the external world.

By having an understanding of our background, we can then work on healing the childhood issues, our bloodline, and break any cycles of patterning and behaviours that influence us and repeat throughout the family line, thus healing our future and possibly that of our children. (Visit my previous blog on Human Design & Ancestral Healing to delve deeper into this).

** Second step; Talk to your family, parents, and grandparents – find out about their childhood, adulthood, the experiences and situations that happened to and around them, where they were before you arrived, that way it will give you a greater understanding of them as people, and your where your patterns and behaviours possibly originate, and where you need to shift/work. It will also help you to acknowledge and resolve any current issues by becoming more compassionate towards parents as we understand the issues they experienced as children or young adults. This really worked well for me, I let go of so much family baggage and karma, as I realised so much ‘stuff’ I was holding was not mine! Hugely releasing! My parents have been my best teachers, to date, I am hugely grateful for what they have ‘shown’ me 🙏

*** Third step; Find an outlet, a ‘go to place’ where you can lose yourself in a practise, periodically, that will shift some of the crap out of your body systems and release the ”feel good’ chemicals – be it meditation, yoga, tai chi/qi gong, running, swimming, hiking, gym, etc etc. Though these practises bring only short term release, they help to attain balance and to move stagnant energy through the body….. practises like tai chi, yoga and qi gong teach you how to work with and master your own energy, which is fundamental to your growth, so I highly recomend starting.

**** Fourth step; BREATHWORK! Working with the science of your own body! (Visit my web page, Alchemy Activation to read more about this). Breath meditation = Stillness. Our physical body has its own innate capacity to heal itself when given the correct environment and space it needs. Learn how to breath, correctly. Most of us are not even aware of the power of our own breath. But when we do learn, it changes our whole perspective and outlook on life, we suddenly begin to shift, organically, in consciousness. The body will then begin to guide you into what it needs for its own transformation. When we start to tune into our breath, we find the stillness within, which leads me on to the final and most important step;

***** Tuning into your Higher Self/Higher Consciousness. Through meditation we find stillness, which leads us into the periods of solitude and peace we ALL need, to recharge our batteries and bring the body, mind and soul into coherence.. It is here, that we MEET ourselves, and the most incredible HEALING and SELF REALISATION takes place.

Once you have deepened or mastered your meditation/breath practise, and reach the point that you are ready and feel tuned into yourself, you can then ask two fundamental questions (in my experience) to your Higher Self/Consciousness, that will guide you on the next & most pivotal part of your journey;

  1. “What limiting beliefs do I need to change, that will positively influence and benefit my future. SHOW ME.”
  2. “What needs to be acknowledged and healed within me today. SHOW ME.”

Ask the each question separately, at different intervals. You will be shown, so trust this process. You may receive the information instantaneously, or it may arrive later, when your Higher Self knows you are really relaxed and READY to hear it. Write down any information you receive, and reflect on it. Observe your reactions and feelings as you work. This is where the awakened path truly begins ☺️

*Acknowledgment is fundamental to facilitate the healing and awakening process.

*Acceptance is key to releasing and understanding where we are in this present moment.

NOTE; It takes time, discipline and commitment, but if you REALLY do want to change your life, UNDERSTAND THAT NOBODY CAN DO THAT FOR YOU! The work needs to come from you. Nobody is inside of your body, or feels what you feel…… seek help, guidance and support from a professional healer/teacher/coach/guru/mentor if you are unsure of where to begin, or how to manage your revelations, but go wisely, find an authentic healer/teacher out there that does not make false promises to heal/cure/fix you, or try to convince or brainwash you with THEIR religion or belief system. Find your own path, take the info you need from each system you learn, if in doubt, ask your higher self, “does this resonate/is this my path?” You will receive a yes or no. Trust the answer. And then MAKE IT YOUR OWN RELIGION/BELIEF SYSTEM, that works for you as you choose. That is where you will find ‘yourself’.



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