Mia’s Bio

Gili Air, Lombok, Indonesia – May 2017

My Soul purpose is to awaken, empower & guide seekers to UNLEASH the pure potential that lies within each & everyone of Us.

Each individual Soul here on this planet has a purpose. Our Divine nature is Egoless, it is that of totality & love – NOT THE ROMANTACISED KIND, BUT DEEP TRUE LOVE OF THE DIVINE SELF – & limitless potential & abundance …. alas ‘society’ has programmed & conditioned humanity with false beliefs & that OUR capabilities lay outside of ourselves, in a ‘system’ managed by a low frequency vibration.

I’m here to show those believers that this is a FALSE REALITY.

After having my own awakening at the age of 18, where I was ‘shown’ the true magnitude of the sad state of society at large, I desired to somehow break ancestral behaviour & worked on healing my own bloodline, having grown up as a child healer with parents & grandparents with mental illnesses, & to help others to do the same, so that we, as a collective, shift in consciousness.

I worked hard, trained, studied & became a certified Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual/Transformation Mentor, & Akashic Energy Healer/Coach.

I travel around working in retreats & wellness centres, dividing my time between Thailand, India, Bali & Europe.

I offer remote Akashic reading & healing sessions, private one to one & group retreats, Spiritual Transformation/Health & Wellbeing Coaching & Mentoring, Reiki Training & various immersion workshops so that I can share my knowledge & experiences with those seeking change & growth.

Over many years, I studied & certified in the following modalities;

DNA ThetaHealing
Reiki. Crystal Healing.
Animal Healing. Earth Healing
Angelic/Master Attunements,
Aura & Chakra Healing. Thai Yoga Therapy
Akashic Healing.
Guided Journeying, past life, cutting cords etc.
Quantum Touch Energy Healing.
Indian Head Massage.
Energy Healing Massage.
Acupressure Massage.
Meditation Coaching.

Change just needs willpower, discipline & determination, & the help of the right coach/mentor, or teacher to guide you, just as I did when I started my journey of self healing & realisation, way back when whilst I was living on the magical island of Ibiza.

I spent 20 years in a highly paid yet stressful corporate environment, I’m sure many of you can relate. I became sick, depressed, utterly fatigued with this lifestyle. The money became unimportant to me.
I knew only I could change it!

So I started meditating, attended many workshops, had many healing sessions, practised Yoga, became part of a ‘spiritual community’ of likeminded star souls. It was an escape from my mundane stressful life, but it served me very well as I started to improve, becoming healthier, happier, the transformation began!

I immersed myself to learn and study universal/quantum law in order to understand the physics of energy & the vital role mastering our own energy has in helping to heal the physical and spiritual bodies. I studied & participated in many trainings & courses, for my own development, & then eventually, when I was ready, started to teach it to others through workshops & energy healing sessions.

It became my passion and purpose to guide and teach others how to facilitate their own healing process, & how to access their own innate power for self healing and personal transformation, & how easily it can be achieved through the beautiful arts & practise of meditation, connecting with ones own energy and the breath. We each have the power & capacity to heal our own body and facilitate the necessary changes when we have knowledge & understanding, & are given the right tools.

I wrote & completed my first Chakra & Energy Healing Transformation ebook on this subject in 2015, so that I can share my work and knowledge further in order to assist and reach more people around the world. The book is full of simple to follow tips & techniques to help you begin or deepen your spiritual practise. Its a great little introduction to those starting out or looking to delve deeper into energy work & working with the chakra & energy body systems.
(Visit Shop to purchase).
I have written many workshop & coaching blueprints over the last few years, & am currently writing my next ebook on the power of a meditation practise. (Watch this space).

I have been working & travelling around Europe, Asia & Indonesia for many years, working and developing my own personal practise, studying and deepening my knowledge to develop my teaching skills. I travelled & studied in north India for a while, and eventually flew South where I worked in a retreat in Goa before continuing my travels around South East Asia, to Thailand, Cambodia, & Malaysia, studying more about meditation & Bhuddism, and finally my dream destination of Bali, where I worked for 6 months in a yoga & zen meditation retreat, teaching yoga & meditation, & offering private Reiki Training workshops & Spiritual Coaching in my spare time.
I left Bali & travelled to Vietnam, where I spent 3 months teaching yoga & facilitating workshops in different parts of the country.
I eventually found my ‘home’ in a little paradise island called Koh Pha ngan in 2016, & have been backwards & forwards working between here, Malaysia, Bali, & Europe ever since. 

I hope to meet you on your journey & that our paths will cross somewhere.
I am only too happy to help you and will continue to share my work to assist those in need whilst travelling.

Please feel free to contact me if there is anything you need help with. I am available for one to one Video chat & online coaching sessions.

or WhatsApp +44 (0) 7496454628

You can also follow my healing and travel blogs to stay inspired, sign up for my monthly newsletter to stay updated, and feel free to connect with me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram via the website tabs.

Much Love & light blessings
Hari Om

Ibiza – June 2019