Animal healing


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After working in Holistic therapies for the last 6 years helping, guiding, and teaching people how to help & heal themselves, I decided to turn my attention to Animal Healing after healing & nursing my 2 beloved pets who both became ill 2 years ago with life threatening illnesses. 

Being an animal lover it was & is a natural calling for me to help animals & their guardians as well as our homeless friends.

Animals suffer just like us, they feel, have the same emotions, the same needs, the same Energy fields that we do, they just do not express them the same way, or sadly, cannot tell us what their problems are.

They can be traumatised from a previous life, owner, experiences, abandonment, etc. or sometimes they just need a little TLC, & a little Holistic healing & pampering to clear their Energy field & remove the stagnant energy blocks, traumas & have a little re-balancing.

It may simply be they just need their diet & nutrition looking at, because they also suffer from food intolerances just as we do that can make them weak, ill or just out of sorts.

Reiki & Vibrational Energy healing for your Pet can be used alongside your conventional Vet care to speed up & assist the healing process as it is very safe & harmless. The therapies will not affect any Vet care or medications but please do seek the advise of your vet or a Holistic vet if you have any concerns.


I can also can offer my caring service to Animals (& their owners) who are ready to pass over. After experiencing the loss of 2 beloved pets myself, my connection to Spiritual Healing helped me greatly in dealing with both the transition & the grief & loss. Not everyone understands our grief when we lose a beloved pet, so a little TLC from someone who understands & has experienced is needed to help you cope with the trauma. 


Reiki & Crystal Healing, Chakra & Aura Balancing, Quantum Touch, 

ThetaHealing, Massage, Nutrition

price – £30/45 euros  approx 60 mins 


I use my own communication skills & intuition, with the help of a dowser, to look at their Energy field,  to assist me in understanding what the animal needs, be it physical, mental or emotional, & use the appropriate healing.

 I generally combine the therapies listed as an intensive healing for the pet to restore balance in all areas.

Healing your pet can also be done remotely if required, as with Energy healing there is no time, space or distance.

So if you are not available for hands on, or in another Country or State, I can offer Distant Healing Reiki Attunements & ThetaHealing, Angelic Healing & also intuitive Care & Advise.

This can also be done via Skype if preferred. 

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