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Alchemy means transformation.

It is chemistry, science. 

‘Alchemy Activation’ is a transformational healing process, an awakening of different depths & levels. 

It is liberating yourself from fear, inherited belief systems & core wounding.

It is finding your own personal chemical elixir within, to help you with your own self healing process.

It is Self Mastery. Self awareness. 

On a spiritual level, it is the transmuting & releasing of old stagnant energies, outdated inherited belief systems & conditioning, & theoretically turning rusty old metal into shiny new gold, creating space for the new paradigm. It is alchemising the earth elements within us. Transforming the 5 sheaths/layers (koshas) around the physical body, & the inter-dimensional layers of each of the energy centres (chakras), opening the portal/pathway for ascension, so that you are able to transcend beyond the physical into realms beyond our reality, into ether/space, where there is unity, oneness. 

On a physical level, it is activating or accelerating the body’s own capacity for self healing by working with the science of the body to facilitate the natural regeneration process of fascia, bone, blood, organ, skin, & dna, thus restoring the physical body at cellular level to its natural state of health.

It is the harmonizing of our heart & mind, our mental & emotional bodies, to reconnect & unify the four body system & release layers of pain & fear. 



Most of us were taught science & chemistry in school. We were shown how to alchemise (transform) substances, by pouring solutions into other solutions to create other transformative substances & solutions. So in effect, this is what we are doing with Alchemy Activation, using our own bodies, to alchemise & transform ourselves, physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.


** About Alchemy Activation

Alchemy Activation is a system of healing, a fusion of various techniques that I put together after being guided, to advance the necessary levels of clearing that we are now being forced to acknowledge & experience as we accelerate towards a 5D paradigm.

As I incorporated these powerful techniques into my daily routine, I found myself burning through so many layers of pain & confusion. I realised I was carrying so much that was not mine ….. inherited limiting beliefs & conditioning, family karma, supressed emotions & chords of old relationship energy, painful memories that I had refused to acknowledge, but ultimately needed to be addressed in order to peel back the layers of pain that I was holding.

Because of the liberation I experienced, I began to experiment & share parts of this practise with my students & clients with so much inspiring & positive feedback that I decided to create what has now become, Alchemy Activation.


**The Practise

Throughout the practise you will remain focused & present as I guide you through the body to connect to your Higher Self, to create internal expansion, empowerment, activate & connect with the Mental Body – the psychic Antenna, the Light Body – the seat of the Soul, & the Akashic body – the library of lifetimes of experiences & celestial wisdom.

The practise will help in bringing complete balance to the whole energy body system, re-connecting & tuning into the physical body to intuitively understand where the blockages & trauma may be stored, in order to release & transmute that which prevents you from living harmoniously within yourself & your external relationships.

Be prepared for rapid shifts.


*How does it work?

Alchemy Activation Process works on the whole energy body system, from the physical, to the mental, emotional, astral & akashic bodies.

It is a gentle yet active practise that will stimulate chi, or prana – universal life force energy – to empower & strengthen you on all levels, while enhancing your spiritual practise by activating the often calcified & dormant master glands that govern the crown & brow chakras, our energetic & psychic receiver & transmitter.

There are 4 fundamental techniques to Alchemy Activation, combining various methods of internal expansion, breathwork, applying internal locks, feeling, intention, visualisation & Hermetics – mysticism & consciousness, as above so below, as within, so without, vibration, resonance, polarity, rhythm – flow, cause & effect, masculine & feminine.

You will be ‘presented’ with insights from your Guides/Higher Self, into where & what you need for your evolution & transformation.  I suggest keeping a journal & writing down any information that is sent to you from the higher intelligence, as you may receive lots of ‘aha’ moments & insight.

*Hermetics, equals Self Mastery. You can read more in-depth information about the ancient wisdom & principals of hermetics here –

AA is an intense practise, yet easy to learn, & if you incorporate the process regularly into your schedule, you will facilitate huge changes in a matter of days to weeks as you bring the energy body back into its natural state of equilibrium, clear & release old shadow programming, & help restore the physical body at cellular level, by naturally regenerating the damage of the  Telomeres – the protective caps at the end of the DNA that cause ageing & deterioration of the physical structure – by pollution of the atmosphere & the toxins we consume in our products & food.

You can use each step individually for a short practise, or all together for a full, intense & complete practise. The complete process will last approximately 60 minutes.


Whether you are a complete beginner to spiritual awakening, or a regular practitioner, Alchemy Activation will take you deeper into higher states of consciousness as you open & peel back the many layers of trauma & pain.

You may need just one, two or three sessions, depending on your level of understanding, & can then practise on your own without any further guidance from me, unless you wish to go deeper on your healing or ascension journey, in which case we can work together to develop this using more advanced tools. I will then recommend the next step, which is an Energy re-programming & Akashic healing – see related page in the above menu bar.



*How will AA benefit me?

AA is a wholistic practise.

Depending on where you are on the path of transformation & ascension, you may receive instant cosmic downloads/uploads as the whole energy system will become aligned & open up to be upgraded to the 5D matrix.

As we stimulate & activate the master glands, the pineal (third eye) & pituitary, (crown) our spiritual antennas, you may receive messages, information, insight, wisdom, knowledge, possibly even as deep as connecting to past lives & who you were before you were conditioned by 3D programming & incarnated into this current lifetime. This will deepen with regular practise.

You will clear stagnant energy & trauma, & clear blockages that you may have been holding from childhood, or possibly for many lifetimes as it opens up the heart, lung & liver meridians, where we bury our core wounds.

It will help to clear subconscious limiting beliefs & inherited negative patterning as it speeds up the regeneration process of the cellular & DNA system. This powerful breathwork will burn away any low energies & density from your energy field, bringing balance to the astral & four body system.

It will empower you & activate your creative flow.

It will take you on journeys into higher & heightened states of consciousness as we stimulate the body’s own natural chemicals, serotonin, melatonin. & DMT – experiencing an alternate universe/parallel dimensions.

Heightened senses – increased sense of sight, sound, smell, taste, touch.

On a physical level, it will create fire in the gut that will help you burn away toxins & impurities as it stimulates the lymphatic system to release & clear. It will help you to eliminate more easily as it works through the intestine & bowel.

It will help to increase breath & lung capacity for internal expansion.

Build core & spinal strength as we work with our internal locks.

Stimulate the glands & internal organs to function correctly.

Energising yet calming.

Activate the pineal & master glands that govern our hormones bringing our endocrine system into balance.

Calms the sympathetic & para-sympathetic nervous system to help with stress, anxiety or insomnia.

Helps with fatigue, low self esteem & depression as it empowers & boosts confidence levels.

Create clarity & mental focus.

Deepen or strengthen your spiritual & meditation practise, connecting you to the Higher Self, the I Am Presence, to Source & All That Is. You will experience periods of samadhi/bliss, oneness/non duality.


I recommend that once you start the alchemy activation process, you practise every second day, so as not to over stimulate the body. You will need at least 24 hours between each session to integrate the energies.

During the other days, I suggest practising more passive forms of meditation, such as gentle abdominal breathing, alternate nostril breathing, zen counting, or guided forms of meditation.

I can also help you with learning these forms of meditation if you are not familiar.

**Please note: Though you are working with your body’s own natural mechanics, if you do have any serious ailments, heart, lung or otherwise, please inform me, & consult your doctor before beginning this process.


Alchemy Activation is offered either as a spiritual awakening toolkit in an    in-depth coaching session, or as an intensive & empowering healing session. Both sessions are offered face to face or online via skype/video chat.

  1. The cost of learning this in-depth & specialised Healing & Spiritual Awakening process is £70 GBP for a one to one or online coaching session. These sessions will last approximately 1.5 – 2 hours. Have a note-pad handy to write.
  2. The cost of an intensive guided AA healing session is £50 GBP for a 60 – 90 minutes session.
  3. For intensive & interactive group healing classes where I guide you through the AA healing process, cost is £15 – 20 or 20 – 25 euros per person.
  4. If you would like me to facilitate a private spiritual awakening immersion workshop to learn AA as a toolkit, please contact me via WhatsApp +66 94 4907275 or email Cost will be £30 GBP per person for this 2.5 hour immersion workshop (minimum 4 people).

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©️ Copyright Mia Renner – published 07/11/2018