Alchemy Activation Process

Alchemy is a process of transformation. It is creation. Magic.

It is liberating yourself from inherited belief systems & core wounding.

Finding your own inner elixir to help you through a healing process.

Turning simple metal into pure gold.

Freeing your soul.





Alchemy Activation Process is a somatic breathwork technique that I have personally worked on after being guided, & incorporated it into my own daily meditation practise to advance the necessary levels of clearing we are facing as we accelerate towards a 5D paradigm.

I found it to be so moving, experiencing wave upon wave of energy & colour. I felt it burning through layers of blocked energy, shifting & clearing any supressed emotions that were brought to the surface for my acknowledgment & attention.

Before I begin each session, I set an intention of what I will work to burn through, & it never ceases to amaze me that this powerful technique accomplishes exactly what I set out to clear.

Combining various  yogic methods, kundalini, pranayama & bandhas with gentle yet active 3 point breathwork, this is a deeply intense process & if you practise this regularly, your life will change in a matter of days to weeks as you clear & release old 3D programming.

Alchemy is a transformation process, it is chemistry, science. On a spiritual level, it is about healing, transmuting & releasing old energies & belief systems, & theoretically turning rusty old metal into shiny gold.



Originally I kept this deep meditation tool to myself, as I didn’t think it to be suitable to teach to beginners in my classes, as working with internal locks (bandhas) can be challenging for some, but after being guided by my higher self to share it in a class one day to 2 beginners, they were blown away with the impact it had on them physically & emotionally, so I have decided to share & teach this method online to reach those who maybe do not have time to attend classes, or have no way of being introduced to this powerful activation process.

Whether you are a complete beginner to yoga or meditation, a regular practitioner, a yoga or meditation teacher, or already on your own healing journey, this practise will enhance your life, & you can incorporate it into your daily routine, or share it in your own classes if you are already a yoga teacher.

You may need just one, or two or three sessions, depending on your level, before you understand it, & can then practise it on your own without any further help from me, unless you wish to go deeper on your healing journey or spiritual ascension, in which case we can work together to develop this further.
(I’m not looking to turn this into a specialised healing system or brand, as I have simply taken tools that I have learned from other teachers & put it all together into one simple method,  I simply wish to share what I have learnt, to help others on their own path to healing & attaining self love).


Alchemy Activation Process is a powerful breathwork meditation technique that works on the whole energy body system, from the physical body, to the mental, emotional, astral & Akashic bodies. It is an active, rather than passive style of meditation, that will stimulate prana – life force energy, to empower & strengthen you, on all levels, while enhancing or developing your spiritual practise.

This somatic practise will deeply connect breath & body, & you will remain present with your body through the process, until the final relaxation, where we will disconnect, & you will have the space to lay down & connect deeply with the process & feel the effects of this powerful practise.



Q; How will this breathwork practise benefit me?

From the first moment you practise this simple yet active meditation, you will experience waves of energy washing over you, & quite possibly see colour after colour as your chakra energy centres open & expand.

Depending on your current level, you may receive instant cosmic downloads & uploads, & your whole energy system will eventually be upgraded to the 5D matrix. You may receive instant information through your pineal gland, (your spiritual antenna) & over time, as you go deeper into the practise, you will receive messages, information, insight, wisdom, knowledge, possibly even as deep as connecting to your past lives & who you were before you were incarnated into this current lifetime. This will come with regular practise.

You will clear stagnant energy & trauma, & clear blockages that you may have been holding from childhood, or possibly for many lifetimes as it opens up the heart, lung & liver meridians.

It will help to clear subconscious limiting beliefs & inherited negative patterning as it speeds up the regeneration process of the cellular & DNA system. This powerful breathwork will burn away any low energies & density from your energy field, bringing balance to the astral & four body system.

It will empower you & re-activate your creative flow if you have lost your mojo.

On a physical level, it will create fire in the gut that will help you burn away toxins as it stimulates the lymphatic system to release & clear.

It will help you to eliminate waste as it works with the intestine & bowel.

It will help to increase breath & lung capacity for internal expansion.

Build core & spinal strength.

Stimulate the glands & internal organs to function correctly.

Activate the pineal & master glands that govern our hormones bringing our endocrine system into balance.

Calm the sympathetic & para-sympathetic nervous system to help with stress, anxiety or insomnia.

Helps with fatigue, low self esteem & depression as it empowers you & boosts confidence levels.



The whole process of the practise itself takes approximately 30 minutes to complete, but you will need at least 40-45 minutes to lay down & integrate the powerful waves of energy that you will experience afterwards. This is where you may also receive in the first instance cosmic downloads, uploads, or any insight & information from the higher intelligence, your higher consciousness.


I recommend that once you start the alchemy activation process, you only practise every second day, so as not to over stimulate the body. You will need at least 24 hour between each session to integrate the changes. During the other days, I suggest practising more passive forms of meditation, such as gentle abdominal breathing, alternate nostril breathing, zen counting, or guided forms of meditation. I can also help you with learning these forms of meditation if you are not familiar.


The first session we will need approximately 1 hour so that I can to explain the process to you & discuss any issues you may have.      Any further sessions will take approx. 30-40 mins.


The cost of these online sessions is just £25 or 30 euros per session.


Contact me now to book your first session. You will not be disappointed



With Love