About me...

Empowering & inspiring Healers, Teachers & Seekers around the world to discover their own unique ability & divine purpose.

Yoga, Ascension, Meditation, Spiritual readings & Empowerment Coaching

Energy Healer, Reiki & Yoga Teacher, Retreat & Workshop Facilitator

Soul Evolution - Akashic Reading

The Akashic Records hold the sum of our Soul stories over our many lifetimes – all of the thoughts & feelings that influence the choices we make that ultimately created the karmic patterns that show up in our current experiences.

An Akashic reading will give you a greater understand of who you are at Soul level, before being consumed by the illusions of the 3D timeline.

When we are created, we are gifted our own individuated genetic make-up, a Blueprint, & it is through this personal blueprint that we express ourselves in each lifetime, in order to understand & learn the lessons we agreed to before each carnation.

I follow the reading with a clearing to remove any shadow patterning, restrictions, implants & programs you may be running that prevent you manifesting limitless abundance available to all Souls on earth, allowing you the potential to re-define your life experience & evolution. 


Reiki Training Diploma

I teach Reiki as a tool for spiritual growth, awakening, & ascension. Reiki simply means, Universal Life Force, or Spiritual Life Force Intelligence.

The various levels of Reiki each serve a specific point of focus, according to where each individual is at in each given moment. Reiki will give the individual exactly what they need, at exactly the right time. The energy has its own intelligence. 

Level 1 will assist an individual to facilitate their own healing & spiritual awakening process.

Level 2 will assist an individual towards self transformation & mastery. 

Level 3 will assist an individual to self realisation & enlightenment that most Souls are seeking in this lifetime.