If you are here, you are a soul driven achiever, but you may be feeling a little lost with who you are, your role, or within your own inner realm?

After many years of confusion & doubt, living a self-limiting life following the social constructs, I journeyed deep within, soul searching, until I eventually aligned myself with my authentic purpose, & was drawn to structure a series of fast track programs to help others to find themselves within their individual roles.

My focus is to guide & uplift healers, teachers, coaches & spiritual entrepreneurs who are where I once was – trapped in my own head, by clearing all limitations so that they can leverage their unique divine qualities & become soul aligned & clearer about the gifts & values they can offer to the world, to unlock & uncover their unique potential, & find their own niche.

I work through the Akashic Records, because the records are the gateway to soul consciousness, they hold our divine truth. Your personal records will help you to unlock the unconscious parts of you, the shadow, to identify & work through your own inner processes, whether it is to begin or deepen your spiritual connection/intuition, to heal, to create or to focus & achieve, by working through any abundance blocks within any of the eight life structures – money, health, career, family, relationships, spirituality, business, community/tribe.

The core of my work is based around quantum law & consciousness, spirituality & science integrated. When we access the super intelligence of the quantum field, stored within our consciousness, the illusions we get caught up in dissipate, & we align with Universal Wisdom & Truth. 

The Inner Alchemy essence, is soul level mastery, inner transformation, spiritual growth & empowerment. It is tapping into your individualized ability as a Universal Co-creator & Master Manifestor! 


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My work has been years in the making, studying, training, experiencing my own difficult awakening processes, re-connecting to my soul truth after working through inherited & self created programs. Eventually, I was guided to carefully create Inner Alchemy, to hold a celestial space for you to dive deep into your own realm, & unlock your divine truth & wisdom.


Inner Alchemy Akashic Transformation Courses;

I structured these course programs after working for many years with the Akashic Records & witnessing the accuracy & intensive alchemising processes with my own blocks, & with my students & clients.

The reason we often fail in our intentions & achievements is due to unresolved trauma wounding, unconscious resistance, & outdated programs & beliefs we are running within our subconscious & cellular memory system. Both mental & emotional body blocks influence how we express our self & interact with the world at large, limiting our natural abundance processes.

Throughout the courses, I will guide you through an intense fast track program to dive deep into yourself & uncover the self sabotages, self limitations & emotional blocks you are perpetuating that are incongruent to your divine self.


The Akashic courses are suitable for healers, teachers, coaches, & soul driven entrepreneurs;

  • Level 1 – Inner Alchemy & Soul Level Mastery;
    Accessing your own records, clearing your own programs/fears/beliefs/imprints/karmic patterns & healing the emotional blocks that prevent you from manifesting/achieving your goals.
  • Level 2 – Inner Alchemy Akashic Records Certification;
    Learn how to do all of the above for your clients, plus an insight into the levels of consciousness, soul life lessons, anatomy of the soul, purposes & missions, & much more. A perfect addition to your other healing/coaching/teaching skills.


*You do NOT have to be psychic to work with the Akashic Records, just an open mind & a willingness to trust & surrender to the guidance of your Higher Self.


Experience a personal Inner Alchemy Akashic Transformation session;


The Akashic Reading; Our personal Artefact holds the sum of our Soul stories over many lifetimes – all the thoughts, words, feelings & emotions that have influenced the choices we have made at the level of action, that created consequences – karma – that show up in our current life experiences.

My Akashic reading protocol will give you a greater understand of who you are at Soul level, the divine gifts & energetic qualities that define you.

Your Records will show me all the blocks, negative programs & attachment mechanisms you are upholding that are restricting your abundance processes & influencing the challenging situations in your life, be it career, personal relationships, creative processes, health, or other areas within your life structures.

Inner Alchemy – Inner Healing &Transformation; I follow the reading with a wholistic healing & clearing of all the blocks that were identified within the soul memory system, facilitating a system re-set, or a re-birth, as many of my clients liken the effects to.

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Certified Reiki Courses

I teach Reiki as a tool for spiritual growth, awakening, & ascension. Reiki simply means, Universal Life Force, or Spiritual Life Force Intelligence.

The various levels of Reiki each serve a specific point of focus, according to where each individual is at in each given moment. Reiki will give the individual exactly what they need, at exactly the right time. The energy has its own intelligence.

Level 1 will assist an individual to facilitate their own healing & spiritual awakening processes.

Level 2 will assist an individual towards self transformation & mastery.

Professional Practitioner level.

Level 3 will assist an individual to gain a deeper understanding of universal law, & to experience self realisation, self awareness, & periods of enlightenment that so many seek.

Professional Master Teacher Level.